December 29, 2017


Pricing and Services

Xam-Xam is an all round Digital Agency. We are experts in every field and well known for our affordable pricing. This page gives you a global indication of our most popular services. Of course we can do lot more. So if your required service is not listed here, feel always free to contact us.


Web design and development

– Ready Webby – 600 US Dollars
The Ready Webby is one of our unique concepts. While most IT companies only provide you with a bare website without text, photos or SEO, we do everything for you. From A to Z. The ready-made-website is the perfect solution for small businesses who wanna be online with a professional presence. But also for those who have no knowledge of computers, don’t know how to write a text with impact, and don’t want the hassle of it. The pricing is calculated on a website with 8 page with a maximum of 50 hours development. Additional hours are calculated on 10 US Dollars standard fee for each hour extra.

– Website Reality Check – 50 US Dollars
Are you unhappy with the performance of your own website? It doesn’t convert enough visitors or sales? You think it was a waste of money? Then it’s time for the unique Xam-Xam reality check. Receive a full step-by-step report how to optimize your website, so that it can finally do where you invested for: To bring you business.


Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimization – 20 US Dollars
We make your pages search engine friendly and optimize them for you. SEO is a core activity to rank your website well in search engines. The price is per page calculated on 300 words.

Social Media Packet – 50 US Dollars
You don’t know how to start a social media account that scores? You don’t know what an edge rank on facebook is or a hashtag? The packet comes with 3 social media channels of your choice and a manual how to use them effectively.

Keyword Research Service – 25 US Dollars
You write the content of the website yourself? But you don’t have a keyword planner or knowledge how to use it? Then you can use our research service. The pricing includes a maximum of 100 keywords and comes with a manual how to write a good keyword text.


Support and Hosting

– Support and Hosting Services – 150 US Dollars per year
Speed and safety are key factors to keep your online business running. Especially on a digital highway full of dangers. Viruses, hackers, spammers, off-line problems, daily backups, it is a long list of measures you must take. You start to sweat? Don’t worry, we can do it all for you. Our experts are working from a fast and most reliable hosting partner in Holland, so you are well covered from all sides. Pricing is exclusive the costs of domain name(s).