December 24, 2017

Design and Development

Design and Development

An user-friendly and stunning website is a key factor for converting customers. A website should showcase the company brand, the values, as well as successfully sell or inform its visitors. With our designers and developers you are in professional hands.

A website is not just a pretty picture. It has to be an attractive invitation to let visitors do what you want. That success lies in the preparation of the user interface and the user experience. By understanding the purpose of your website, our team can start to work close with you. Once we reached together a concept you really like, they can finalize the layout, the colors and the content positioning. But also the typography, text and images.

The responsive website

A successful website is the one who “trigger” visitors to do something. It has to be “responsive”: To buy from you, to call you, to read your information, to visit your company, whatever. Easy usability is here always the key. Not only the “look and feel” need to be perfect. But also the routing: From the fast and clear access to your information to your Call-To-Actions.

Furthermore, your website need to be fully optimized for Laptop, Mobile, Desktop and Tablet. Meaning your visitors have a phenomenal experience, no matter the device they choose to view your website on, or which browser they use. Sounds complicated for you? No problem, we’ll do it all for you.

Meet the team

Our designers and developers are responsible for the basics of your website.

Our designers are graphic artists. They develop and style objects for the Internet, able to tap quick into their creative energy. They design the overall layout and “look and feel” for websites.

Our web developers are the ones that develops applications and functionality for the Internet. Their focus is on the front end programming of a site and server side programming.

We create stunning websites for each and every client, and we keep designing until you’re 100% happy. We also work in small teams so that you always have access to a project manager, designer and developer at every stage of the project.

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