February 23, 2018

Web Design Ideas Bars and Restaurants

Web design Ideas Bars and Restaurants – A short introduction

A professional website for a bar or restaurant can bring big advantages. In this article “Web Design Ideas Bars and Restaurants” we will discuss why you need one.

The perfect tool for new and regular customers.

Who knows about your business? Although you might have regular customers, a professional website is the perfect tool to connect with new customers: Who are unfamiliar with your business, or never pass your location. It extends your potential reach to anyone. A professional website convince total strangers to take a drink or dinner at your place.

Online brochure.

Your website provides customers an easy way to contact you directly. But also to learn more about your menu, prices, services, specials of the day or week, or to share the latest news like events with live music. Whenever there are new developments regarding your bar or restaurant, your website is the fastest way to inform (potential) customers about it. With the right and stunning pictures it is also the perfect tool to give a good impression of your interior and atmosphere.

Benefits for local businesses.

One misconception about websites is that they’re only for big national or international companies. Actually, websites are just as, if not more, beneficial for small businesses like bars and restaurants. In fact, it’s a great way to connect with local customers. Plus, search engines often rank results according to location. In other words, if a customer in your city is looking for “restaurants near me”, Google give these local shops priority in the search results.

Helps to build trust and credibility.

New clients might want to know your history, expertise and specialization. A website is a great tool for people to learn more about you and to reach that comfort level they seek. Having a website automatically increases your business value in everyone’s eyes, especially your new customers. Not having a website is worse than not having a local address these days. Websites add legitimacy.

Other advantages.

Your website runs 24/7 without any supervision or staff. You can always be there for your customers. Returning questions can be caught on a page with questions and answers (FAQ) to reduce the pressure and time on your telephone and emails. Bookings and reservations can be done online. It is also a given fact that lot of customers find it more convenient to use the contact form on a website, then to use a telephone.

Support and security

While most business owners see the value of a website, the importance of protecting and guarding your digital presence and reputation is just as crucial. As a business, one of your most important priorities is maximizing profits. Once online the support and hosting of your digital agency play a key role in this. It they let you down in case of problems, it always have a direct negative impact on your income and reputation.

If your site goes down, your customers and prospects will not be able to view your website, can do an online booking, or learn about your services. You will lose potential sales and income.

The goal of every professional website is to rank high in the search results of Google, so more customers can find you. If your site is down by hosting issues or works slow, the search engine robots that attempt to visit you, will degrade your ranking factor. You will drop down in the search results.

Spending money or an investment?

If you are still not convinced to take a website, we see that most hesitations comes from the argument that the Roi (Return on investment) is not clear. How much more sales and customers this website will bring me? We have to be honest. Considering that the “look and feel” is already perfect, just as the speed and navigation, it is never an exact science, but we can give you a prediction of the number of visitors you will get on your site. However, visitors doesn’t mean they will all become real customers off course.

But with programs like Google Analytics, always implemented in our websites, you or us can measure your growth. With programs like Google Adwords on the other hand, where you have to pay per click, you can boost up your visitors/sales. Just a few examples in a serie of endless possibilities. To give you a most simple formula as example: Let’s say every customer spend 25 USD in your bar or restaurant per visit. And let’s say your website brings 1000 visitors per month where a low calculation of 5% (20) becomes real guests = 500 USD sales. Then you already know if the investment in a website is profitable or not. But to be honest again, these kind of calculations depends heavily on the owner’s bookkeeping, the type of restaurant, and the location. If you are not sure, ask our branding division to do a small marketing-research.

Why Xam-Xam?

With Xam-Xam you are in professional hands. As no other digital agency we understand the importance to keep your business online and safe. From fast and reliable hosting in Holland, daily security updates and monitoring, to daily backups and scans, our tech support and hosting teams makes sure your site is functional and secure 24/7.

Get inspiration with our web design ideas bars and restaurants

Sample 1: Nuvo

Nuvo has a modern and advanced styling. This bar and restaurant design has got everything you need to make managing your business easier. With a menu builder, reservation booking form, events management and online shop for take away orders, Nuvo brings everything you want startup online. Contact us for more information or a live demo.

Web design sample Nuvo

Sample 2: Lemon Chili

Lemon Chili is a design other than others qua styling. All the important info like Business Hours, Featured Dish and Upcoming Events can be displayed and changed very easily. Contact us for more information or a live demo.

Web Design Bars and Restaurants Lemon Chili


Sample 3: Yummy

Yummy is a classy restaurant design that provides a platform to expose your restaurant or bar on the best manner and also provides features to sell your delicious and remarkable food and drinks online. Easy to use and it provides a pack of features such as layouts, multiple widgets and more. It is WooCommerce compatible, so take away food with front pay is possible. A reservation form is included and Yummy is translation ready if you want to work with different languages. Contact us for more information or a live demo.

Web Design Yummy by Xam-Xam.com

Sample 4: Rosa

Rosa is a design suitable for bars and restaurants with a cozy, traditional and classic atmosphere. Pictures can be exposed in parallax effect, which will draw extra attention from your visitors. Comes with food menu options, online reservations form and online orders. Contact us for more information or a live demo.

Web Design Rosa for Bars and Restaurants