March 11, 2018

Web Design Ideas Hotels and Lodges

Web Design Ideas Hotels and Lodges – A short introduction

78% of all African hotels and lodges don’t use their full potential on the internet. Slow working websites with poor design, even no website at all, or the illusion that only a Facebook page is enough to bring customers, are the most major issues. It seems that there is some lack of “awareness” that a professional website can bring a lot of advantages. In this article “Web Design Ideas Hotels and Lodges” we will discuss all the in and outs.

The perfect tool for new and regular clients

While most forget, the branch has a main focus on “long distance targeting”. Meaning, most clients are not local, but come from far away. So, which far away traveler knows about all the hotels and lodges in their end destination?
Although the hotel or lodge might have already regular customers, a professional website is the perfect tool to connect with new customers: Who are unfamiliar with the hotel or lodge, or never pass the location. It extends their potential reach to anyone, even in other countries. A professional website convince total strangers to book a room.

Online brochure.

Sure, there are plenty of popular booking websites to attract customers, one can argue. But even there it is one argument more to take a professional website; It is the only way to essentially differentiate from all the others. Besides that, the hotel or lodge website provides customers an easy way to make directly contact. But also to learn more about the rooms, the facilities, the services, the pricing, or to do online bookings. Whenever there are new developments regarding a hotel or lodge, a website is the fastest way to inform (potential) guests about it. With the right and stunning pictures it is also the perfect tool to give a good impression of the interior and atmosphere.

Helps to build trust and credibility.

New clients are equal that they don’t know the hotel or lodge at all. Most use Google and sites as to make a final decision. Sure, reviews are sure very important during this process. But even more important is a professional, fast and stunning website for people to reach that “comfort level” they seek. Having a stunning website automatically increases the “hotel value” in everyone’s eyes. Not having a website is worse than not having a local address these days.

Other advantages.

A website runs 24/7 without any supervision or staff. The hotel or lodge can always be there for their customers. Returning questions can be caught on a page with questions and answers (FAQ) to reduce the pressure and time on the telephone and emails. Bookings and reservations can be done online. It is also a given fact that lot of customers find it more convenient to use the contact form on a website, then to use the telephone or email.

Spending money or an investment?

If you are still not convinced to take a website, we learn that most hesitations comes from the argument that the ROI (Return on investment) is not clear. How much more guests this website will bring me? We have to be honest. Considering that the “look and feel” is already perfect, just as the speed and navigation, it is never an exact science, but our analytics tools can give a good prediction of the number of visitors to a website. However, visitors doesn’t mean they will all become real guests off course.

To give you a most simple formula as example: Let’s say every guest bring in 50 USD a night. And let’s say the website brings 1000 visitors per month where a extreme low calculation of 0,5% (5) becomes real guests = 250 USD sales. Then you already know if the investment in a website is profitable or not. But to be honest again, these kind of calculations depends heavily on the owner’s bookkeeping, the type of hotel or lodge, and the location. If you are not sure, ask our branding division to do a small marketing-research.

Why Xam-Xam?

Before we start with some web design ideas hotels and lodges. With Xam-Xam you are in professional hands. As no other digital agency we understand the importance to keep your business online and safe. From fast and reliable hosting in Holland, daily security updates and monitoring, to daily backups and scans, our tech support and hosting teams makes sure your site is functional and secure 24/7. All our websites are very simple to use and comes with a manual. Our sites are always fully responsive on desktops, laptops, tablets and cell phones.

Get inspiration with our web design ideas hotels and lodges

For more information or a live demo, feel free to contact us.

Sample 1: Oceanica

Fresh and clean-looking design for hotel or lodge business, travel blog or travel agency. The design comes with a neat typography and imagery for uncluttered and attention-to-details communication. Wide and grid layouts are available. Full social media button integration. If you are looking for a hotel business design with a fully functional room reservation system (rates, seasons, services, real-time search availability form, online payments, etc.), stop searching, you’ve found one of the best. Contact us for more information or a live demo.

Sample 2: Hotel Resort

Hotel Resort is designed for resort, hotel, motel, hostel, lodge, inn, bed and breakfast, holiday homes, accommodation, and room reservation services. Includes photo slider, call to action buttons, easy booking form social media integration, testimonial function, and many more. Contact us for more information or a live demo.

Sample 3: Hotel Luxury

Hotel Luxury is the most charming, luxurious and powerful design for your spa, resort, hotel business, vacation room/apartment rental services. Its original goal is to help you easier manage your rooms listings, customer bookings and reservations online. With its beautiful design, and high coding quality, this design can showcase your unique accommodations to the world and attract more visitors to your website. Contact us for more information or a live demo.

Sample 4: Hotelica

Hotelica is a clean and responsive design. It is used to hotel, restaurant, eatery, food joint, cuisine, hospitality business, recipe, cafe, lodge and others. It has a very nice animated homepage. Comes with photo slider, room style pictures with prices and direct booking option, testimonial section, and many more. Contact us for more information or a live demo.