February 22, 2018

Web Design Ideas Portfolio

Web Design Ideas Portfolio – A short introduction in fashion model portfolio websites

Whether you are a model, a fashion photographer, or a model agency, you need a website focused on a strong visual presentation. Your pictures are crucial. The purpose of an online portfolio is to give a prospective client (like an art director or fashion designer), a sense of who you are, what you can do and whether you are the person they should hire to execute their project. In today’s market the competition is fierce, which means you need a stunning website. In this article I try to explain how it is to work with Xam-Xam if you are a model and thinking about web design ideas portfolio.

Why a Portfolio Site?

Having a Facebook profile is one thing, but you can only show your real skills using your own portfolio website. Why? Even the most professional Facebook profile looks like every other profile on the service. Your identity possibilities are narrowed with only room for a standard posting which only allows you some text and a picture. With a website however, with all the different opportunities in layout, colors, look and feel, you have finally your way of saying, “This is really me, and this is what I can do for you”. You are much more flexible in the way to express yourself, to make your unique showroom with a own identity.

It’s all about selling yourself.

Sure, our designers and developers can make a perfect website with their techniques. We can provide you with dozens of samples and layouts where to choose from. But a portfolio is a graphic presentation which is out of our hands: After all, the visuals (pictures) and story has to come from the model. She has the material to make things work. It sounds like a cliché, but the model is her own best sales(wo)man. This means we give her a platform to sell herself without losing her own identity. Two different things that needs to be connected, so that is where our profiler comes in.

Tailor your site to your own personality.

Who are you? Man or female? Young or old? Serious, business, classy, frivolous or sexy? What’s important is that you feel comfortable on your own site in the end result. If you’re strictly a business model with absolutely no lingerie or bikini shoots, we need to know. Or we make your web design portfolio with a wild and extravagant “look and feel” if that’s what describes you best. We make your site your online equivalent. Give it character while still keeping a professional touch when it comes to wording.

Website strategic points.

We work together with you to deliver a perfect website. You get your passwords and easy instructions after we done, like how to update your information like a new text or new pics (don’t worry that is really simple), or we do it for you if you want. Then what? Our experience with portfolio sites is that you have to keep some rules in mind to maintain the quality:

Keep it relevant

Make sure your portfolio always includes relevant work. Some models pump every picture, movie or selfie they make on their website. Only list something if it really makes a significant contribution that can be identified as your work as a professional.

Trim the information

It’s okay if you sculpt your portfolio a bit by showing only the work you like. We all need to make a living, sometimes taking on work we’d rather avoid to earn a few bucks. Use your portfolio to target the type of work you prefer to do.

Pictures and context

Give prospective clients an idea how it is to work with you. When working on-site, include testimonials from previous customers or co-workers. When doing off-site only, let people know what they can expect when it comes to communication, managing deadlines or your work hours.

Make a good impression

See your portfolio website the same of sending in a job application, convincing prospects why they should hire you. Try to make the best first impression you can, with the added benefit of prospects coming back to your site for fun when it’s really slick. Consider also a logo or a (fantasy) name that identifies you better.

Find your balance

The basic sounds simple: A portfolio is a representation of your best model work. However, pulling the right pictures together on one website seems to be one of the biggest problems. Ask yourself: What is my best work. But even more important: for who? Who are your clients and what clients you like to have.

Always maintain the golden rule: less is more. It is the quality of your pictures and not the quantity. Lot of models put every picture online they have. Especially when they still in the adrenaline rush after a photo shoot. Wait a day and make choices. Go only online with pictures that fits in the “message” of your website and in the target of your clients.

A portfolio is an overall picture of your best work, but also has to show mutual coherence. A free-standing image can be great, but completely out of tune in a serie. Sure, you can make categories of your different work, but it is only you and your photographer who can make your website work. Light, background, locations, events, colors, fashion type, it all has to come in harmony on one website.

Xam-Xam always go the extra mile for you. But a web design portfolio is a complete different ball game. Technique and design is no problem for us, but the success of your website has to come from you.

See some web design ideas portfolio samples to get inspired.

Below you can find some popular web designs for models. Photo sliders, faders, special effects, modern or exotic look and feel, the possibilities are endless. Feel free to contact us for more information and other tailor made websites.

Sample 1: Black Diamond

Black Diamond is an exotic and artistic design. it comes comes with full screen option with slider function. It makes your artwork presentation much eye catching. SEO friendly and very easy to create albums. The design has lot of special effects for your photos. Contact us for more information or a live demo.

Web Design Portfolio Black Diamond

Sample 2: Kalium

Kalium has a fresh, modern and minimalistic design that gives a full focus on the photos. With stacks of layout designs it is easy to get a visually stunning website. Very popular among models, photographers, model agencies and architects. Contact us for more information or a live demo.

Web Design Portfolio Kalium Sample

Sample 3: Uncode

Uncode comes with an attractive photo loader. Available with 6 different menu styles with advanced options and effects, 16 layouts with custom options. Designed with special attention for performance and user experience. Incredibly fast and powerful. Contact us for more information or a live demo.

Web Design Portfolio Uncode Sample

Sample 4: Oshine

Oshine is a popular, creative design. From Model Portfolio, Photography, Agency, Blog, Architecture, Business or Shop, build beautiful websites for any purpose with ease. It comes with High Quality Design, Fully Visual Page Builder, 39 easy switch layouts and demos with 100’s of pre-built sample pages. Which gives you unlimited ways to showcase your portfolio and complete control over fonts and colors. Contact us for more information or a live demo.

Web Design Portfolio Oshine Sample

Sample 5: Gallery

Gallery is a responsive, stylish, user-friendly and SEO-friendly design. Though it focuses on images as a primary content, it is a perfect fit for any website type: model portfolio, business portfolio, art portfolio, photography portfolio, corporate, personal branding & commercial websites. It uses simple, clean flat design. Portfolio gallery showcases images in responsive elegant lightbox with full-screen image slider. It comes equipped with a wide list of customizable features allowing you to make different kind of changes in layout, style, colors and fonts with minimum coding knowledge. Contact us for more information or a live demo.

Web Design Portfolio Gallery Sample